Your Stories Q&A: Why is the stop arm at this Camillus railroad crossing not working?

CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – You ask, we answer!

Viewer Question: The railroad crossing arm is not working on Milton Avenue in Camillus. Who do we contact to get it fixed?

The railroad belongs to Finger Lakes Railway. The crossing in question is on Milton Avenue not far from Knowell Road in the Town of Camillus.

Finger Lakes Railway President, Mike Smith, said they are aware of the issue with the crossing arm malfunctioning. He said it happens intermittently, not every time a train passes. He added the railway is seeing the issue mainly when there’s inclement weather.

Smith believes there’s a mechanical issue that was caused by the wear and tear from large trucks and road salt used in the winter.

Crews have tried fixing the problem, but nothing has worked, according to Smith.

He said Finger Lakes Railway is now proposing to replace the asphalt crossing with a more durable concrete base that can tolerate trucks and salt. Repairing the crossing could range anywhere from $80,000 to $200,000, not including the cost of the electronic system that triggers the lights and gate.

Smith said they’re hoping to use federal funds earmarked for another project in Seneca County, to fix the Camillus intersection.

If the transfer of funds is permitted by the feds, repairs could start in the fall, Smith said.

While the gate is malfunctioning, Smith said train operators have been advised of the issue and to approach the intersection prepared to stop. He said a worker would get off the stopped train and act as a flagger to halt traffic.

The viewer who sent us the photo showing the crossing arm up while a train was passing through, said she didn’t notice a flagger but said she arrived after the train was already going through the intersection.

Sent to us by a NewsChannel 9 viewer

Camillus police said there have been no accidents at the crossing and they’ve only received two reports of the faulty gate in April.

Finger Lakes Railway said the maximum speed on this track is 25 mph.

If you notice an issue with this particular crossing, you can call 1-800-999-4559. The, “x-ing” number you need to report the problem is 5211035P.

We’ll keep you posted on repairs.

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