Your Stories Q&A: Can Southwest flight credits be exchanged for refunds?

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Viewer Question: With Southwest leaving Syracuse in August, can flight credits be exchanged for refunds?

Southwest Airlines informed the Syracuse Airport Authority on April 25, that it would be pulling out of Hancock International Airport in August 2024.

Syracuse was one of a handful of airports to receive the news.

Since the announcement, the Your Stories Team has received several questions related to the airline, including what to do with flight credits.

According to Southwest’s website, “A flight credit is a credit from either a canceled flight or a downgrade in fare that can be used to buy a future flight. Flight credits don’t expire.”

Southwest said the credit can be used at any airport the airline operates.

That means you can always use the credit to fly out of Rochester, Buffalo, Albany or another airport.

You can learn more about Southwest flight credits here.

When it comes to the viewer’s question, there doesn’t seem to be a clear yes or no answer.

“We encourage Customers in this situation to reach out to our Customer Engagement Team to discuss their individual circumstances. Our Representatives will work with each Customer on a case by case basis and provide the best outcome possible for them and their needs,” A Southwest Airlines spokesperson said in an email to the YS Team.

A NewsChannel 9 viewer named Ron, said he was successful getting a refund for a flight credit he had from a recent trip he canceled. He called the customer service line and explained to Southwest he was not willing to drive to a neighboring Southwest city.

So bottom line, give SouthWest a call if you find yourself in this situation. 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).

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