You can get paid $2,500 to watch upcoming summer movies at the theater

NEW YORK (WPIX) — As the weather gets warmer, one company wants to pay a lucky moviegoer $2,500 to cool off and go to the movies. is hiring a “chief of cinema” to watch five upcoming summer movie releases at their local movie theater. 

“Did you know that only 7% of Americans prefer watching movies at a theater? Why, though? How do the comfort of home, cheaper snacks, and a pause button for pee breaks beat escaping into a well-told story that plays out on a towering silver screen with top-notch surround sound?” reads the announcement on the company’s website. “There’s magic in going to the movies, folks, and wants to help you rekindle it — or, possibly, experience it for the first time.” 

The Chief of Cinema must watch five movies in a movie theatre by August 31. – “the theater can be an air-conditioned megaplex, a stuffy arthouse with no A/C, or a nice, open-air drive-in—as long as you had to buy a ticket,” the listing reads.

Any genre of movie, from blockbusters to indies, is fair game. will then reimburse for the ticket purchase and pay $500 per film.

To apply, you must be 18 years or older and a United States resident.

Summer schedule of upcoming movie releases:


6/24: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
6/26: South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut 25th Anniversary Sing-A-Long
6/28: A Quiet Place: Day One


7/3: Despicable Me 4
7/5: MaXXXine
7/13: Princess Mononoke
7/19: Twisters
7/19: Transformers: High Moon
7/21: The Neverending Story
7/26: Deadpool & Wolverine


8/2: Harold and the Purple Crayon
8/3: Ponyo
8/9: Borderlands
8/9: Cuckoo
8/9: Trap
8/14: Coraline (3D re-release)
8/16: Alien: Romulus
8/23: The Crow
8/23: Blink Twice
8/25: Rear Window 70th Anniversary
8/30: Kraven the Hunter

Full details, terms and conditions, and the application for this dream job for movie lovers can be found here

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