Which food services passed or failed health inspection April 21-27?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Onondaga County Health Department released its inspection reports for restaurants checked from April 21 through April 27.

One restaurant received an unsatisfactory grade and another received a failing grade.

Read to see which establishments didn’t pass in detail below.

Little Caesars – 307 West Manlius Street, East Syracuse (Unsatisfactory Grade)

Little Caesars had 14 violations, with none in critical condition.

Food not protected in general (1 violation) – The inspector saw product stored on the floor in walk-in refrigeration. Bulk flour was stored on the floor in the “dough room.”

Improper, cleaning, washing, and sanitizing of equipment and utensils (4 violations) – No sanitizer was dispensable at three compartment sink. A bag of quaternary sanitizer was full but not hooked up to feed lines.

Three compartment sink equipment was soiled and smeared with greasy residues. Wire shelving in walk-in refrigeration also had dried food residue. The cook line refrigeration had dried spills and loose food debris. The gaskets to the refrigeration had crumbs and dried food residue.

Photos courtesy of the Onondaga County Health Department.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls (3 violations) – The plumbing under the three compartment sink was leaking. The catchment was full and spilling onto the floor.

Paper towels were not at a cook line hand wash station. This was corrected immediately.

Improper construction and maintenance of physical facilities (3 violations) – The inspector found food residue under and behind stationary equipment in the main kitchen and the “dough room.” In the sanitation room, the floors were wet due to plumbing leaks. Catchment was full and overflowing.

Wendy’s – 2028 Park Street, Syracuse (Failing Grade)

Wendy’s had six violations, one of which was in critical condition.

Improper hot holding of potentially hazardous food (Critical violation, found one time) – The inspector found a large pan of cooked chili near the takeout window that was at 120-125 degrees. The chili was in the pan for more than two hours and was voluntarily discarded.

Improper cleaning, washing and sanitizing of equipment and utensils (1 violation) – The interiors of various reach-in coolers and freezers were not clean. The doors and handles were not clean, along with the lower shelving throughout the kitchen.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls (1 violation) – Hose that drained the dishwasher was not properly secured in the floor drain and drained onto the tile floors. Hand wash sink was draining slowly. Floor drain below the prep sink was not clean. The floor drain where the dining room soda machine drained was not clean and had mold.

Improper sanitary facilities and controls (1 violation) – Both customer restrooms were not clean in general.

Inadequate insect and rodent control (1 violation) – Small black flies were found in the back kitchen area.

Many locations passed their inspections between April 21 through 27.

You can see the entire list below.

American Legion Post #1361 1951 West Fayette Street Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Angry Garlic 29 Oswego Street Lysander 4/25/2024 Inspection
Angry Smokehouse 33 Water Street Van Buren 4/26/2024 Inspection
Attilio’s/Karen’s Catering 770 James Street Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Big Mama’s Cheesecakes 500 Old Liverpool Road Salina 4/26/2024 Inspection
Byblos Street Grill Food Trailer 223 North Clinton Street Syracuse 4/26/2024 Inspection
Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub 100 South Lowell Avenue Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub Mobile Unit 100 South Lowell Avenue Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Coyne’s Tavern 1709 Burnet Avenue Syracuse 4/24/2024 Inspection
Cuse Smoothies and Refreshers LLC 359 South Salina Street Syracuse 4/23/2024 Inspection
D&G’s Mac and Cheese 4192 Fireside Circle Clay 4/26/2024 Inspection
Deli @ 700 (The) 700 South Geddes Street Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Dilauro’s Bakery & Pizza Shop 502 East Division Street Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Dosa Grill 4467 East Genesee Street Dewitt 4/23/2024 Inspection
Elm Street Tacos 36090 State Route 180   Onondaga County 4/26/2024 Inspection
Exhale Cafe and Bakeshop Mobile Unit 509 Bronson Road Onondaga County 4/26/2024 Inspection
Golden Spike Pub 411 West Manlius Street Dewitt 4/24/2024 Inspection
Home Team Pub 7990 Oswego Road Clay 4/24/2024 Inspection
Hoosey’s 106 Williams Street Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Indian Fashion 4469 East Genesee Street Syracuse 4/23/2024 Inspection
Mohegan Manor 58 Oswego Street Lysander 4/25/2024 Inspection
Murrays (The) 2722 Burnet Avenue Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
Now & Later 620 Ulster Street Syracuse 4/25/2024 Inspection
PEACE Inc Eastside FRC 202 South Beech Street Syracuse 4/23/2024 Inspection
Pita Dream 214 Walton Street Syracuse 4/26/2024 Inspection
Pompey Rod and Gun Club 2035  Swift Road Pompey 4/27/2024 Inspection
Pronto Fresh 133 East Water Street Syracuse 4/26/2024 Inspection
Shamballa Cafe & Coffee Roasters 7 West Genesee Street Lysander 4/26/2024 Inspection
Sikh Foundation of Syracuse 4632 Wetzel Road Clay 4/24/2024 Inspection
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 2840 Cold Springs  Road Lysander 4/25/2024 Inspection
St. Vincent de Paul Parish Center 1101 Burnet Avenue Syracuse 4/24/2024 Inspection
Subway 44580 6430 Kirkville Road Dewitt 4/24/2024 Inspection
Sweet Praxis (The) 203 East Water Street Syracuse 4/24/2024 Inspection
Transfiguration Church 740 Teall Avenue Syracuse 4/23/2024 Inspection
Via Napoli Express (2) 4755 Oak Orchard Road Onondaga County 4/26/2024 Inspection
Courtesy of the Onondaga County Health Department.

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