Watch Action Bronson Set Up Camp in New ‘Nourish a Thug’ Video

Action Bronson is getting back to rap after a brief hiatus making sneakers with New Balance. The Queens rapper hasn’t dropped a proper album in two years, when he released Cocodrillo Turbo in 2022.

He did pop back into the booth for his buddy Alchemist for his song “Vertigo” off 2023’s Flying High, Pt. 2, and has made a few guest appearances like on Larry June and The Alchemist’s “Solid Plan” and Valee and Harry Fraud’s “Vibrant” which were last year as well. So, he’s been getting his reps in.

Earlier Thursday, Bronson previewed clips of this very video on his Instagram account saying: “The doctor is back and better than ever. ‘Nourish a Thug’ produced by my broham Daringer displays mystical musical rhythms that transport you to a different would along with other worldly lyrical ensemble. My new album JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACHLAVA THE DOCTOR is soon upon us. Gorgeous video done by the amazing Sean Kelly.”

He also shared the album’s artwork which was done by him. We’re not sure what that’s supposed to be, but it looks like something that escaped from Dr. Moreau’s island.

In the video, directed by Sean Kelly, the Doctor gets back in his Outdoorsman bag and sets up camp. Dressed in full dad camping gear, he builds a fire and sharpens sticks for hunting as he claims to be the “only man alive to break out of the Cobra Clutch.” Maybe that’s why dude was stalking him like he was Bigfoot and the cops were after him. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. As far as the song goes, it’s vintage Dr. Lecter over a Daringer-laced beat that sounds like the score for a spy movie. Shouts to Griselda, Bronson and Daringer should consider doing a whole tape together.

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