Tyla’s Adventures With Her Best Friend, Fashion for Heritage Day | Behind the Photo

Tyla shares stories behind her photo at the skate park, on the beach, dressing up for Heritage Day and more in Behind the Photo with Billboard.

Hello, it’s Tyla and I’m taking you Behind the Photo with Billboard.

This was taken by my very best friend. This was when I was in Ghana and we went to the skate park and I have no idea. I was in skates, but I was having very much fun that day.

This is a cute one. It’s going to sound like everything has to do with my best friend, but we’re basically always together. And over here we were in Cape Town, South Africa, and we had our own picnic. AY! We were having a girls day gossiping there on the Cape Town beach, and she took a picture of me eating sushi.

YES! This is me in South Africa for Heritage Day. I was feeling myself this day. I woke up very early to do my edges, my head wrap, my outfit. I was feeling very fancy. Yeah, this was … this was a cute moment. The most iconic Tyla picture that will ever exist.

This was in school. Literally, me and my best friend again. I don’t know what we were doing, but we were leaders in the school and I think we had to organize clothes as like the RCL of the school. No, we were playing with those clothes. We were not being serious. She snapped this picture of me and the rest is history.

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