Tee Grizzley & Future Go Off in Video for New Song ‘Swear to God’

We’ve been had! We’ve been took! We’ve been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Yesterday, everyone (including us) assumed Future was dropping a mixtape after the Atlanta rapper posted a series of tweets on X saying his album is better than [insert rapper’s] mixtape and even evoked his “Mixtape Pluto” moniker.

Everyone also thought he had beef with Gunna because Gunna tweeted this out:

However, Gunna was talking about his new album in which he appears to takes shots at — you guessed it— Drake. Yeah, that Drake. Meanwhile, Future was referring to this new track with Tee Grizzley all along. We’re not mad at it, though, because both of them went off. In the video, they post up at the jewelry store, the gas station, and Kiki at the River in Miami to give us a banger.

Future hops out the whip and starts things off with the bar that got everyone talking: “F—k your album, s—t ain’t slappin’ like my mixtape.” Future seems to be in a zone and he showed why here. The Detroit rapper was talking heavy, as well, spittin’, “Street n—a from the trenches, swear to God, I made millions (I did)/I went and made that, n—s gave you that, b—h n—a, it’s a difference (Be cool)/N—s losin’, we winnin’, want smoke ’cause they in they feelings.”

The song is hard, but we thought Mixtape Pluto was making a comeback. His fans felt the same way, too. Check out some of their reactions below.

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