Syracuse residents, community leaders aim to quiet illegal vehicles on city streets

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — It’s a summer-like week, and a top summer-time complaint is heating up too.

The sound of motorcycles and illegal dirt bikes zipping around Syracuse neighborhoods.

An ear-piercing sound, bothering many neighbors like Rodney Sanford.

“It does affect my quality of life when I’m trying to sleep, and I got to deal with people and their souped up cars and motorcycles going up and down the street,” Sanford said.

“They play the stereo systems so loud that on this house you can rock the windows,” said John Meyer, the lead facilitator for the

Illegal street vehicles racing around on streets and breaking the law.

“Sometimes I do see those illegal dirt bikes patrolling the streets as well,” Sanford said. “The kind that have no registration and no license plates.”

When Washington Square Neighborhood Watch tried to reason with them, they say they were met with retaliation.

“We’ve had instances reported where once somebody finds out it bothers them, every day they’ll come by and rev the engines,” Meyer said.

Complaints are increasing and Syracuse Common Councilors are often on the receiving end.

“If I were to call for an ATV on my street or a motorbike, by the time they get here there’s a chance they’re no longer near my house,” said Jimmy Monto, the common councilor for Syracuse’s fifth district.

Community leaders want a concrete solution before things turn deadly.

“I certainly don’t want you to chase somebody down. Stay safe. Call somebody that can help you and it that person isn’t available, call somebody else,” Monto said.

And always report it to police. Those driving an ATV on city streets or parks could receive multiple traffic violations or be arrested. Once, an ATV is confiscated, it’s a heavy redemption fee of $2,000 before it’s released back to its owner.

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