Snoop Dogg Selling His Collectibles, Rarities and Iconic Artifacts in ‘The Shiznit’ Memorabilia Auction

Like anyone who’s been in the game for more than three decades, Snoop Dogg has accumulated a lot of Doggy Dogg… stuff. But unlike a lot of other famous folks, pretty soon it’s going to go under the gavel in a novel celebrity auction via sports-and-music auction house the Realest in which Snoop is directly involved in the action.


“Make sure you get it ’cause it’s authenticated, signed by the one and only Snoop Doggy Dogg,” Snoop says in a promo video hyping the auction in which he sports an old-timey SD police hat and black shirt with a Doggy Dogg logo. He then pages through heavily annotated script marveling at all the notes he made, saying, “this s–t mean a lot to me, I ain’t never look at this s–t cuz… this is my first leading role!”

“The Shiznit: The Snoop Dogg Memorabilia Auction” is live now on the company’s site and it features a wide variety of clothes, jewelry, awards, gold plaques, photos, concert riders, reel-to-reel tapes, scripts and one-of-a-kind items that Snoop promises are all authenticated; phase one ends on June 2, with a preview event taking place in New York today and Los Angeles on May 29 and more items slated to go live soon.

Among the items up for bid:

  • Jeff Hamilton-designed NB Lakers 2001 championship jacket in the style worn by Kobe Bryant (current bid: $105).
  • Handwritten tour setlist (current bid: $120)
  • Custom Death Row pendant with Cuban link gold chain in au autographed Death Row logo box (current bid: $210)
  • “Lolliopop” featuring Jay-Z recording reel, final mixes Pt. 1 (current bid: $66)
  • Snoop’s personal “Famous Player” award trophy from the 2004 Players Ball Pimp Convention (current bid: $25)
  • Playboy Club Las Vegas VIP Keys for Snoop and “Boss Lady” with Playboy case (current bid: $35)
  • Autographed Bones original script with handwritten notes (current bid: $20)
  • Bomber jacket commemorating 25th anniversary of “Gin & Juice” single (current bid: $5)
  • Snoop Lion Rastafari knit beret (current bid: $0)
  • Roach from a Snoop Dogg blunt preserved in resin inside Snoop’s ashtray (current bid: $209)
  • 2002 Carbon copy paper of $20,000 Doggy Style Records Inc. cash withdrawal receipt (current bid: $5)

Check out Snoop’s auction promo video here.

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