Shaboozey Accepts Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart Plaque For “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” | Country Power Players 2024

Shaboozey accepts his Billboard Hot Country Songs No.1 chart plaque for his record breaking achievement with his song “A Bar Song (Tipsy).”


I was told this was going to be like a dinner. So I didn’t prepare a speech at all. But um, I just want to say I’m like super grateful and super honored to just be here on this stage. You know, I never thought in my like wildest dreams that I would be here getting an award like this, you know there’s so many people here I want to thank. There’s so many people that you know, I think you know, we should all be up here together. So, you know, this is not just for me, this is for everybody that’s really just making change in this space. You know, Mike and Tanya, I see y’all know. I mean, I remember hearing “Hey Driver” for the first time and just crying my eyes out. I see Reyna Robertson here as well. I know there’s a couple other people that may not be here, may be here, Tanner, Willie, everybody, I just you know, super. You guys mean a lot to me and everything you guys have done in this, you know, we’re here together. And my message is has always been my message has been integration and just bringing people together and just sharing stories. You know, it’s never been about anything. Other than that, so, you know, thank you so much. And also thank Beyoncé, too. What am I talking about, the Queen. Thank y’all so much. Love y’all seriously.

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