Megan Thee Stallion Fires Back at Cameraman’s Car-Sex Harassment Lawsuit: ‘Plaintiff Is A Con Artist’

Megan Thee Stallion is firing back at a lawsuit that claims the superstar forced a cameraman to watch her have sex with a woman inside a moving vehicle, calling them “false and fabricated” allegations filed by a “con artist.”

In a scathing first response to the April accusations, attorneys for Megan (Megan Pete) said that Emilio Garcia’s lawsuit “consists almost entirely of falsehoods, misrepresentations of fact, and outlandish claims that have no basis in fact or law and no merit.”


“Plaintiff is a con artist who is manipulating the judicial system to act as his publicist and bullhorn in a desperate attempt to boost his failed singing career while trying to tear down the successful career of Megan Thee Stallion,” wrote the star’s attorney, Alex Spiro.

In his lawsuit last month, photographer Emilio Garcia accused the superstar and Roc Nation of subjecting him to a hostile work environment due to the alleged car-sex incident, which he says took place while on tour in Spain in 2022. Garcia claims the incident left him “embarrassed, mortified and offended,” and that Megan and Roc Nation later retaliated against him by reducing his work and eventually terminating him.

But in Thursday’s response, Spiro painted a very different picture — of a former contractor who was terminated after he repeatedly “falsified his invoices and overcharged Ms. Pete for services he never completed.”

“Angry at the loss of this high-profile gig and his exile from the inner circles of stardom, plaintiff filed a factually and legally frivolous Complaint,” Megan’s attorneys wrote. “Plaintiff took a run of the mill wage and labor dispute and trumped up his frivolous claims with sensationalist false allegations of sex, debauchery, and workplace harassment for the sole purpose of creating a media firestorm to tarnish the career and reputation of Ms. Pete.”

Beyond rebutting the lawsuit’s allegations, Megan’s attorneys also argued Thursday that the case was filed in entirely the wrong place. In a motion seeking to have the case moved to federal court, they argue the case has “absolutely no connection to California state court” — citing the fact that Garcia lives in Texas and Megan lives in Florida.

“Plaintiff was more concerned with staging his lawsuit in an improper forum than accurately pleading the facts underlying his claims,” Megan’s lawyers wrote.

Attorneys for both sides did not immediately return requests for comment on Thursday.

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