LL Cool J Wants Andre 3000 to Rap, Not Play the Flute: ‘He Needs to Know the Truth’

Hip-hop legend LL Cool J was a guest on the latest episode of Uninterrupted’s The Shop. During a conversation with Lena Waithe about creative inspiration, Andre 3000’s New Blue Sun album was brought up for discussion.

Waithe was talking about how as an artist, “Different things inspire you,” and the producer and actress brought up LL’s foray into acting. “Sometimes some things are more fascinating to an artist,” she said before using Andre’s flute album as an example. “Even Andre 3000. Do we want him to make a rap album? Sure. But he’s like, ‘I’m on this flute game, y’all. This is my jam right now, I’m super into this.’”

The man they call Big Elly wasn’t having it, countering, “I need him to spit, though,” before going on a mini-rant. “I need him to spit. Flutes? Man, come on, bro,” he said before acknowledging that “the comments are gonna be crazy.” LL continued his point by giving Andre his flowers before declaring himself anti-flute. “He’s amazing, all right? His bars is all the way up. I’m very clear. Not the flute, B. Not the flute. Don’t do the flute.”

This made Lena fight enthusiastically for 3 Stacks’ latest work. “I liked the album. It’s very calming, I’m sipping tea,” she said, before Big Elly interrupted her and fired back. “Let’s not lie to ourselves: I don’t wanna hear him do the flute,” said LL, who then asked the room, “You wanna hear me do a violin? You might not wanna hear me do sh–, but do you wanna hear me do a violin?”

LL isn’t alone. Co-host Maverick Carter agreed, saying, “I wanna hear him spit too.” Fans have been clamoring for an Andre 3000 solo rap album for years, and it seems like the Queens legend has been waiting on one as well.

“I want him to get with Big Boi. I want them to make an Outkast [album]. Or do a solo album,” LL Cool J said. “Every time he does f—ing one verse, it’s enough material for one album. He’s so gifted. So it’s like, come on, B, not the flute. We not gonna lie. … Don’t gas … that man needs to know the truth. He needs to know the truth.”

Check out the clip below and don’t hold your breath waiting for that LL Cool J violin album.

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