Lainey Wilson on Her First Grammy Win, The Meaning Behind ‘Bell Bottom Country,’ New Music & More | Billboard Cover

Country superstar and Billboard cover star Lainey Wilson talks about how she felt winning her first Grammy for her last album ‘Bell Bottom Country,’ how she came up with the name ‘Bell Bottom Country,’ the career challenges she’s faced, what it was like to grow up in Louisiana, how she feels about the country music revival, her inspiration for songwriting, style icons and more!

Lainey Wilson
Hey y’all, it’s Lainey Wilson. Welcome to my Billboard cover shoot.

Lainey Wilson
I’m on the set of my Billboard cover shoot here in Pasadena. We are so excited to get me all done up. I just got off of a 15-hour plane ride from Sydney, Australia. So they’re covering up some jet lag, but it’s gonna be a fun day and this is a dream come true.

Joelle Grace Taylor
Today with Lainey, she’s such a beautiful, flamboyant country star. We really wanted to give her kind of a spin on that we were thinking like, let’s elevate it to this kind of LA ‘Boogie Nights,’ pool party vibe. So she’s basically like, welcome to my villa. I look amazing. Would you like some lemonade?

Cherie Kilchrist
The pieces I pulled, I took from Lainey’s personal style. … She’s always looking for an exaggerated leg, bell sleeves, kind of like this Cavalli look here is a very standard Lainey pant that people recognize her for. So I tried to stay true to that while still doing the vibe of the shoot.

Watch the full video above!

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