Keeping it wet and cooler Wednesday

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – It’s another mild night, but it won’t be as warm Wednesday thanks to an increasing chance of more numerous showers midweek. Check out the latest details below.

Still dodging drops midweek

A cold front that moved into CNY Tuesday night is stalling out and falling apart over the region on Wednesday with a wave of low pressure near the Jersey Shore. What does that mean? If you guessed more showers, then you guessed right. Expect additional showers Wednesday with the most widespread wet weather coming late morning into mid afternoon.

As a result of all the clouds and showers we think highs may very well not get out of the 60s.

Possibly nicer for a day or two?

Wednesday’s rain maker, stalled front and area of low pressure near the coast, should slowly breakdown and shift south and east enough so that CNY dries out for the most part Thursday, and possibly for much of Friday too!

An approaching cold front from the west may throw some showers into the area towards sunset Friday, but we may get through all of Friday dry.

Highs should get up into the mid-70s Thursday and mid to possibly upper 70s on Friday.

Check out the latest 7-day forecast.

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