‘It’s like losing your best friend’: Nojaim’s to shut its doors for good this Saturday

MARCELLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The time is almost here. Beloved Marcellus grocery store, Nojaim’s is closing for good this Saturday, May 11.

The convenience store chain Stewart’s will be taking its spot.

Sis Norris has been shopping at Nojaim’s for over 50 years. She’s not ready to see the doors close.

“I’ll probably sit down and cry when they lock the door,” she said.

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And when they do, she’ll head to Camillus for groceries, but will miss the sense of home.

“It’s like losing your best friend,” Norris said. “That’s the way I feel about it.”

Tamara Clarke lives in Marcellus, but does most of her grocery shopping at Walmart. However, she says there were certain items she’d only shop for here.

“We’re going to miss the meat, we’re going to miss the deli and he has a wide variety of stuff in here that I don’t think any other store carries like Walmart or Tops,” Clarke said. “It’s going to be missed.”

Shoppers have mixed feelings about Stewart’s coming in.

“It’s ok with me,” Norris said. “I’ll try it.”

“Like a lot of people, I’m against the gas pumps,” Clarke said. “It is going to cause a traffic problem but as far as what Stewart’s has said, they’ve gone through all that and it shouldn’t be.”

And they hope Stewart’s can be a new community hub.

“There will be seating inside, and outside which will get the community to come together and get them to talk like they do here,” Clarke said.

Only four more days until the door closes, and Nojaim’s is just a memory.

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