Iconic Syracuse Northside building enters a new era as affordable housing

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s a new era for a building that’s lived many lives.

“It’s special, growing up in Syracuse, you know the house on top. It sounds silly, but it’s an important piece of Syracuse lore,” Ben Lockwood, Housing Visions CEO said.

That legacy lives on at the Moyer Carriage Lofts, 1714 North Salina Street, with 128 affordable units and supportive housing. Plus, it’s an anchor project that will help revitalize the neighborhood.

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“People forget sometimes that the Northside is a waterfront community. Onondaga Lake’s right over there, and so there’s a lot of potential here,” said Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon. “We have more quality places for people to live in, more diversity in the income range for people to live in and you have what was an eye sore will now be an anchor.”

This renovation didn’t just happen overnight, it took a lot to make the building look as good as it does.

“The building had gone really into disrepair. Two of them, it was a group of five buildings that really deteriorated. Literal walls falling down,” Lockwood said.

The hope is that this project will inspire a similar change to other rundown buildings in the county.

“Think about a new future for it and housing is a need today it’s going to be a need five years from now so we think there’s a lot of opportunity here,” McMahon said.

And as for the house on top, it’s staying an old Salt City staple above a building of new opportunities.

“So, the top of the house I hate to burst people’s bubbles, but historically, just the elevator equipment that was in there so the original motor of that elevator still sits up there because it was too big and heavy to move,” Lockwood said.

It’s staying an old Salt City staple above a building of new opportunities.

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