How some facilities are combatting workplace violence in the healthcare field

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The health care industry is no stranger to workplace violence.

“The statistics shown the rate of violence against nurses and other direct care staff, but, in general, health care workers experience a higher rate of violence on the job than any other workforce,” Kathy Ville, the Administrative Organizer of 1199SEIU, said.

Among the reasons for this violence she says has to do with an increase of patients with mental health or addiction issues who lack proper resources to get the help they need.

“I do think some patients who probably shouldn’t… their first stop shouldn’t be a hospital or maybe it should be elsewhere, and the services aren’t available and that’s a problem,” Ville added.

Some facilities have implemented crisis prevention intervention training to deescalate situations, hopefully, before they become violent.

“In the facilities that we do, the union has negotiated contracts that include public safety committees, and these committees usually have front line staff, as well as management to address safety concerns that need to be addressed and try to resolve them together,” Ville said.

Trying to create a safe place for everyone there to ensure that being subject to violence doesn’t become part of the job.

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