Here’s How to Listen to Each of Drake & Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks

Drake and Kendrick Lamar have spent the first weeks of spring 2024 waging one of the biggest music wars in recent memory against one another, dropping diss tracks with little time in between.

And suffice to say, the content of the songs has been shocking. With lyrics containing everything from below-the-belt jabs about one another’s physiques to serious allegations about each other’s personal lives, each track has made it progressively more difficult to recall a time when the men were actually friendly collaborators. (Remember when Drizzy invited both Lamar and A$AP Rocky to come along on his Club Paradise Tour in 2012, shortly after which all three teamed up on “F–kin’ Problems”? Good times.)


Now, the two hip-hop titans are bitter enemies at best, releasing musical jabs faster than you can say, “Maybe we should all just calm down.” At one point, Lamar even dropped a response to one of Drake’s disses within 15 minutes of the former’s upload. The whole thing has been so quick and sporadic, no platform as of yet holds every piece of the puzzle, meaning listeners have to jump back and forth among streaming services and social media sites in order to access the complete sequence.

But whether you’re an invested fan looking for a one-stop shop for the Drake vs. Kendrick ’24, or a late-to-the-party newcomer who’s just trying to figure out what the heck is going on, Billboard has compiled all of the rappers’ targeted solo disses in one place for your convenience.

Keep reading for a rundown of all the platforms on which each of their solo diss tracks are available, starting with Drake’s “Push Ups,” below.

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