‘Happy Gilmore 2’ coming to Netflix

(KTLA) – “Happy Gilmore is back!” Netflix revealed in a post on X.

The streaming giant announced Wednesday that Adam Sandler is set to reprise his role as the hockey-enthusiast-turned-golfer in a sequel to the 1996 comedy, slated to be released on Netflix.

The film, now almost three decades old, is still counted among Sandler’s most popular movies. It starred the comedian along with Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, Carl Weathers, Bob Barker and Ben Stiller, among others. Sandler wrote the project alongside frequent collaborator Tim Herlihy.

Happy Gilmore
Bob Barker prepares to punch Adam Sandler in a scene from the film “Happy Gilmore.” (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

Fans of the film immediately responded to the news on social media, though some expressed apprehension.

“If you ruin this classic, I’m unsubscribing,” wrote one user.

“This will probably be bad, but good too,” another chimed in.

Others were more optimistic.

“Let Netflix cook,” a fan said, while the X account for TiVo simply responded with, “#excited.”

Talks of a sequel to “Happy Gilmore” have been making the rounds in recent months, with Sandler letting slip that he was “working on some stuff” for “Happy 2” on the Dan Patrick Show in April. That same month, Drew Barrymore revealed on her talk show that the sequel was “in process.”

Netflix has not yet revealed when “Happy Gilmore 2” is scheduled for release, nor whether any of Sandler’s former co-stars will be reprising their roles.

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