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It’s Wednesday, May 15, and Feid & Yandel got shut down in Miami for throwing an impromptu concert on their yacht. Cardi B says she will not be releasing a new album this year, Megan Thee Stallion is kicking off her tour and Saweetie posted her freestyling in the car. Sam Hunt shares how he created “Locked Up EP” and how his music is changing with his life. If you missed it last night, we got you covered, we give you a recap of Billboard’s Country Power Players. McKenna Grace shares what inspired her to write her song “Gentleman”and more!

Tetris Kelly: 

No music from Cardi, new music from Saweetie and Megan kicks off her tour. Feid Yandel’s yacht party gets shut down. We catch up with Sam Hunt. We take you inside our Country Power Players event. And McKenna Grace tells us how it went down. Happy Hump Day at Billboard News. I wish I was on a boat, but not this one. Feid and Yandel’s impropmtu concert was cut short when the cops shut down the party. According to Yandel’s Manager The plan was to perform their joint album ‘Manifesting 20-05’ in its entirety, but after just three songs local water police patrol asked them to shut it down. Fans flocked to see the duo both on land and by sea which you can see caused quite the scene. Yandel’s manager told Billboard police asked them to please stop the music and they said they had over 50 patrols on hand to try to control the traffic caused by the event. Even though the party may not have been completed, they insist Feid’s team got all the necessary permits with the Coast Guard and everything was in order and in time. And for once the girls aren’t fighting but still have lots of updates. Here’s three things you need to know in female Hip Hop. Even with hits like “WAP” and “Up” and dropping her second Megan collab in 2023, Cardi B hasn’t actually released an album since her debut, ‘Invasion of Privacy’ in 2018. 

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