Disturbing details emerge in cop killer, Christopher Murphy

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — New disturbing details emerging on the investigation into Christopher Murphy, the Salina man who murdered two officers just last month. New evidence shows the killer was racist and full of hate.

“He was your basic antisemitic, racist, lunatic,” said Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick.

Racist, pro-Nazi, antisemitism memes, websites and pictures, some printed out and found on Murphy’s phone. The 33-year-old who murdered Syracuse Police Officer Michael Jensen and Onondaga County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Michael Hoosock the night of April 14, at his parents home at 4945 Darien Drive in the town of Salina.

“They are incredibly offensive and racist to all but someone who’s as delusional as him,” said Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick says these were websites the killer had accessed, some he took photos of and saved them to his phone.

“For example, there’s a swastika and as you look at the swastika, a written word appears to be repeated and if you look very, very closely, it’s the n word. Another website that he accessed where he’s got a photo of the world trade center on September 11th burning and there’s a bunch of apparently Hasidic Jews celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers,” said Fitzpatrick.

Fallen Heroes

It appears Murphy wasn’t a member of any local or national hate group.

“You know he’s in his mid-30’s, lives at home. These seeds are planted usually early on in life. Whatever happened to him, I don’t know. It may have been a late conversion for him,” said Fitzpatrick.

“But It’s clearly learned behavior. We’re not born with these prejudices. Somehow in his pathetic existence he started to blame other people for all his problems,” said Fitzpatrick.

Investigators have also not found any evidence that Murphy had been treated for mental illness.

“His parents may know. I don’t know that they’re particularly sharing information with police at this point. But we have no specific information that he was ever treated for mental illness. Just a cocaine, abusing, antisemitic drunk,” said Fitzpatrick.

As for the key question, why? That remains a mystery.

“We believe what happened that day was his paranoia fueled by cocaine and alcohol rose to such a level that he actually thought the police were there to confiscate all of his guns, and part of that is coming from the friend who ran out of the house,” said Fitzpatrick.

Given the disturbing evidence found on Murphy’s phone as well as the guns recovered at his parents home, was Murphy a ticking time bomb?

“I’m making an assumption here. If he had not killed Mike Jensen and Hootch that night he clearly was going to explode into some act of violence in the future,” said Fitzpatrick.

Syracuse Police and the sheriff’s office are still examining Murphy’s social media accounts, laptop and weapons recovered at his parents home.

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