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In today’s episode of ‘How It Went Down,’ Craig David reveals what inspired him to create “7 Days,” the core theme of the song, how he was able to collaborate with Mark Hill to create something magical and more!

David Craig: 

Hi, I’m Craig David and this is How It Went Down with my song “7 Days.” So the inspiration behind the lyrics to “7 Days,” for me, was a young kid living in his two bedroom flat with my mum in the projects in the UK in a place called Southampton, but looking out this window and just aspiring to live this very magical, whimsical life. One of those being how would it be to have a whimsical seven days where you’re not necessarily living at home with your mum and not necessarily really in the project. And that for me was the starting point, jotting down the first word of Monday. And then it just became so simple to then let the verse kind of play out the story, but the core is just to stay simple. Just go through the days of the week and most important Sunday. Chill and relax back, even in this case. Like just, take your time.The song was produced by a guy called Mark Hill, a close friend of mine and actually was the producer of the whole album, my first album, ‘Born To Do It,’ which changed his life, my life and touched a lot of people’s lives along the way. His studio was like underground in a, right by a marina and we’d always go for like coffees and have a little drink by the marina, get some fresh air, get some inspiration.

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