Consecutive dry days have been tough to come by

Drip…drop…drip…drop has been a common theme to the forecast and something central New Yorkers have had to dodge almost every day at one point or another since May 3rd!

Rain has fallen the majority of May days so far…

Check out the observed rainfall since the start of the month in Syracuse below…

Will drops stop anytime soon?

Yes, since early in the month, Syracuse has not had two days in a row without any rain. Unfortunately, as you can see on our 7 day forecast the shower threat cannot be taken out through the next week. However, several days on the 7 day only have a 20% chance of rain which means the majority of those days will likely be dry.

Why can’t we shake the shower threat?

You can thank the jet stream for all the shower threat continuing almost every day since May 3rd in CNY. The jet stream is the highway that areas of low pressure travel along and is the thermostat in the atmosphere. So it makes sense why it’s been so unsettled much of this month due to the jet stream being nearby more often than not.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the rain chances will continue, but there’ll also be a good amount of dry time mixed in there too where we have rain chances 20% or lower. The overall weather pattern appears to remain at least somewhat unsettled possibly right into the Memorial Day weekend.

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