Charli XCX Ropes in An All-Star Cast in Search of New ‘Hot Internet Girl’ in ‘360’ Video

Everyone knows that if you’re going to do a proper search for the next must-see viral star you need to assemble your It Girl Counsel for help. Which is exactly what Charli XCX does in the video for her new BRAT single “360.”


The clip that dropped on Friday morning (May 10) finds the singer running late for a dinner date with pals at a swanky restaurant. When she arrives she walks into a room packed with a who’s-who of influencers, apologizing immediately for disappointing them with the news that she is about to do her song and can’t join them.

“Oh f–k, um, we’re so sorry because the thing is we all really want you to do the song,” says actress Rachel Sennott (Bottoms), with Nasty Cherry singer/model Gabbriette adding, “We have to fulfill the prophecy of finding a new, hot internet girl. That’s literally why we’re at dinner.

“Or else our kind will cease to exist,” adds Euphoria actress Chloe Cherry. “Forever.”

“Yeah, it’s terrible,” says Sennott as dramatic violin stabs amp up the drama. “And then after we figure that out you can totally do the song.” A resigned Charli agrees to join in the hunt for the new clickbait celeb, looking around the table and picking a woman at random.

That guest happens to be Uncut Gems actress, model and pants hater Julia Fox, who looks around confused as she sips red wine, her long silver nails wrapped around the glass. “Oh Charli, that’s literally Julia Fox,” Sennott informs her as Fox — her eyebrows dyed the same bleach blonde shade as her hair — sheepishly says hello.

The singer then focuses in on the tame server (Dream Scenario actress Greer Cohen) waiting on the group — which also includes Chloë Sevigny, Alex Consani, Emma Chamberlain, A. G. Cook, Hari Nef, Isamaya Ffrench, Matisse Andrews, Quenlin Blackwell, Sakura Bready and more — as they nod in agreement and Sennott praises her “total waiter vibes.”

The group then begins to give the harried woman a series of totally not helpful tips as Cohen furious writes down qualities including: je ne sais quoi, “really hot in like a scary way” and “be known, but at the same time unknowable.”

The music video them properly starts as the crew — which also includes Anna Collins, Blizzy McGuire, Tess McMillan, Salem Mitchell, Peri Rosenzweig, Richie Shazam and Niki Takesh –join Charli on a series of adventures, including riding atop a man headed for surgery as his gurney moves down a hospital hallway, a wine-and-selfies workout and a wind-blown photo shoot.

All the while, the retro synth pop track produced by Cook plays in the background and Charli cooly sings, “Yeah, 360/ When you’re in the mirror, do you like what you see?/ When you’re in the mirror, you’re just looking at me/ I’m everywhere, I’m so Julia/Ah-ah, ah/ When you’re in the party b-b-bumpin’ that beat/ 666 with a princess streak.”

“360” is the follow-up to the previously released single “Von Dutch.” Charli’s BRAT is due out on June 7 via Atlantic and she is slated to hit the road with Troye Sivan in the fall for an arena tour that will launch on Sept. 14 in Detroit at the Little Caesars Arena.

Watch the “360” video below.

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