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It’s Thursday, May 16th, and the House of Representatives have passed the TICKET Act. This bill will require ticket sellers (including sellers on the secondary market) to clearly and prominently disclose at the beginning of the transaction, and prior to the selection of a ticket, the total ticket price for the event and an itemized list of the base ticket price and each fee. Cardi B states that she will not be voting for either presidential candidate later this year. Take a look into our new segment ‘Unfiltered’ where we go over everything in the world of hip hop. Will Lay Bankz hold her No. 1 spot for a 4th week on the TikTok Billboard Top 50? Keep watching to kind out! We give you a sneak peek at EDC and what to expect this weekend with Steve Aoki and more!

Tetris Kelly
Cardi won’t even vote,as fans are tired of some artists being silent on Gaza. We run down Billy Eilish’s numerous achievements. Steve Aoki tells us what to expect that EDC and we see who’s hot on the top. That’d be almost the end of the week. It’s Billboard News. And yes, it’s politics season, Cardi won’t even vote as fans are tired of some artists being silent on Gaza. And Congress finally shows some action on ticket prices. Let’s jump into politics and music. With some of the biggest tours ever going down over the last year. Fans want more insight to ticket prices and they might be getting it, the United States House of Representatives passed legislation called the Ticket Act, which will require ticket sellers to use more simple all in pricing, say no to speculative ticketing and even provide refunds for any canceled event. It will now move to the Senate before President Joe Biden signs it into law. But will fans even want to support artists? A viral trend has picked up where people are unfollowing or blocking celebs that haven’t spoken out about the dire situation in Palestine. But Cardi B is also staying out of politics this year. She told Rolling Stone on Trump and Biden. “I don’t f*ck with both of y’all. I feel like people got betrayed, it’s just like damn, Y’all not caring about nobody. Then it really gets me upset that there is solutions to it. There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any thing.” Yikes, I mean, my girl is not wrong, but we definitely encourage everybody to stay active as this race affects us all.

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