Billboard Presents Bud Light Backyard With George Birge

George Birge cracked a Bud Light and brought fans closer to his origin story, highlighting the importance of his Texas roots, how he keeps it easy on a day off and more in his installment of the Billboard presents Bud Light Backyard content series.

George Bird:
Growing up in Austin, country music is kind of just in your veins from the first parties you go to, to riding in the truck or the car with your mom and dad and it being on the radio. And I love the way that it made me feel. I love the way that it brought people together. And I knew that that was always something that I wanted to do. And I started playing guitar probably by seventh grade; I started a band by freshman year of high school, and Austin was really special compared to most towns because everybody had a band, and I was hooked from the first show I played I fell in love with country music because it tells stories, it makes people feel something.

There is no feeling quite like stepping on stage. It’s electric. Being able to connect that with that audience that’s come out to sing songs back with you, the camaraderie of being on stage with your band, your friends that have been through it thick and thin with you.

The way that we get ready is we’ll have a beer — typically a Bud Light — will say a quick prayer just being thankful for opportunity. When I think of country music, a good time comes to mind — there’s never been a time where I had country music on and I wasn’t smiling or relaxing or just taking some of the edge off. I love to keep it easy. That’s kind of my lifestyle, whether it’s in the backyard grilling by the fire pit playing guitar when I’m not out playing shows. I like to be out with friends, out with family and and I’d like to be drinking cold Bug Light. Like if that’s not a perfect day I don’t know what is.

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