Bad Bunny’s Style Evolution: From 2017 to Now

From laid-back jeans to skirts, suits and designer clothes, Bad Bunny has been rocking it all with confidence and edge since the beginning of his career. 

If his major red carpet or concert looks are any indication, the Puerto Rican superstar is not one to shy away from innovative outfits. 

“My style influences what my music is and everything that surrounds me within it,” he told Billboard in 2019. “The way you dress is, to say the least, a type of art. Everyone must dress, and use their creativity, express themselves in that way, their feelings, their way of thinking. Everyone must be free in that area and let the mind flow.” 

With that mindset, the “Monaco” singer has turned many heads with his fashion-forward style.

Take, for example, his look at the 2018 American Music Awards, where a then-emerging Bunny walked the red carpet with J Balvin and performed “I Like It” with Cardi B. For that appearance, he rocked a casual-yet-strange fit: black-and-white striped pants, mint-colored shirt with skeletons on fire, and an eye on his forehead. 

“The eye represents many things,” he explained at the time. “Power, trusting yourself, seeing things that others don’t see and don’t understand, both in the world and in yourself, and most of all always having the vision to move forward, grow, and improve.” 

For his Met Gala debut in 2022, the Latin star opted for a custom Burberry boilersuit complete with gold floral hair clips, and later shared he hit the studio in that very same outfit after the high-profile event to continue working on Un Verano Sin Ti. “People at the studio were looking at me like, ‘Really? You’re going to record a reggaeton song with that look?,’” he said an interview with The View.

Check out Bad Bunny’s fashion evolution in the images below:

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