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In today’s episode of ‘How It Went Down,’ Spanish star Aitana shares how she created her new song “AKUREYKI” and making the music video with her co-writer, Colombian star, Sebastián Yatra.

Well the truth is this is my third song with Sebastián Yatra. We seem to understand each other quite well in the studio, that’s for sure. The truth is that I will tell you that “AKUREYRI” is the song we started in Iceland on a trip we both made in 2023 for the first time for my birthday and we bought a guitar. We went to buy a guitar and Sebastián started trying out different guitars I was recording at the little shop and he started with the chords to “AKUREYRI” then he started, I don’t know, like throwing some verse, I don’t know like some verses and then I came up with the melody…I have that recorded on a video, you know? Like literally and Sebastián said to me, that melody is very pretty and then we kind of said ah, let’s start a song. We took the guitar and started the song in a car and there they began the first verses and the first tunes for “AKUREYRI” and then later on we finished it in Mexico. It’s a song that took months, it’s not a typical song that you make in a day or a week, but it is a song that we gave a lot of time and in very different conditions. Sebastián is a very versatile artist. In other words, like he can really make a song that makes you dance, or a song that will make you cry for a whole week if you need to.

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