A thank you from a CNY man to law enforcement officers

JAMESVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Thanking our brothers and sisters in blue. It’s National Correctional Officers Week and a North Syracuse man is showing his appreciation to a specific group of officers at Jamesville Correctional Facility, after the support they’ve given him over the years.

It’s a special bond like no other.

“We can’t tell him in advance that we’re coming because he’ll get up in the middle of the night and he’ll just start saying Josh, Koppe, Jimmy, and so he just loves these guys with all his heart,” said Peggy Galzay, mother of Alan Galzay.

The feeling is mutual.

“Alan is just a super special kid,” said Josh Stewart, former correction officer.

“We met Alan and established this relationship like I said that did endure over years,” said Lt. Christopher Koeppe, sheriff for the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office and Lieutenant for the correction department.

A relationship that started nearly seven years ago at a Cops on Top fundraiser, that’s where Alan Galzay met officers from the Jamesville Correctional Facility, who quickly took Galzay under their wing.

“We talk to them all year round, there’s a constant communication. Alan comes to Dunkin and we set up a little tent for him, we set up a chair and he’s like the star of the show,” said Lt. Koeppe.

Always showing up to different events like the Special Olympics, something Galzay supports, despite not being able to participate.

“He just stands out amongst a lot of the athletes because he loves everybody. He wants a hug from everybody. He’s always at every event he can be at,” said Stewart.

The officers even show up at Galzay’s home in North Syracuse on his birthday. He also got to be a correction officer for the day. Galzay now thanked the officers for everything they’ve done for him over the years.

“It touches my heart. These guys are wonderful. I just can’t say enough about them. They make my son feel like he’s not handicap for a day,” said Peggy Galzay.

The officer says their relationship with Galzay can never be broken and they consider Galzay and his parents a second family.

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