10th Mountain Division Commander reflects on years of historic leadership

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWTI) — Fort Drum is saying goodbye to its senior leadership.

On May 31, the 10th Mountain Division will host its Change of Command ceremony for its commanding general.

Major General Gregory Anderson will relinquish command to Major General Scott Naumann.

The day before the ceremony, MG Anderson reflected on his time leading the 10th Mountain Division; U.S. Army’s “Alpine Division.

“The sun never sets on the 10th Mountain Division,” Anderson expressed. “There are soldiers globally right now doing good work that will continue, and we’re transforming as well.”

The 10th Mountain Division is also known as the Army’s most deployed division.

As of late May, the Division had deployed its 10th Combat Aviation Brigade to the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility. 10th Mountain’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team was also in preparation to deploy to Europe.

Following this theme, nine months of Major General Anderson’s command time was spent away from Fort Drum. 10th Mountain Division Headquarters deployed to Eastern Europe in late January 2023.

Headquarters commanded in this area amid conflict between Ukraine and Russia for nine months. This was a historic deployment at the 10th Mountain had not taken command in Europe since World War II.

“To be able to go to that very troubled part of the Black Sea region right as close as we could for deployed to where the violence in Ukraine, is a visible sign of America’s commitment to our NATO’s allies is the 10th Mountain shows up and we start rolling up our sleeves and going to work,” MG Anderson explained.

This mission helped the 10th Mountain continue its mountainous, alpine roots.

“We taught them division, war-fighting, operational processes,” Anderson added. “We expanded interoperability between the native formations in US formations. we had special projects up in Finland and Sweden with our two newest NATO allies.”

Anderson took command at Fort Drum in September 2022. In just under two years, the Division took the lead in ground-breaking military warfare.

10th Mountain’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team recently redeployed from the Middle East. This unit successfully shot down hundreds of militia-backed drone attacks amid conflicts between Gaza and Israel.

2BCT is now training the U.S. Army in counter Unmanned Aircraft System strategies.

“We’re getting lighter, we’re getting rid of some equipment,” MG Anderson explained. “We’re working on countering drones in the US, working the electronic warfare here in the EMS electromagnetic spectrum, all here at Drum, by the way. The rest of the Army is trying to learn from us.”

As General Anderson marks his historic command time complete, he shared that he’ll miss his time in the North Country over everything else.

“The relationship between the North Country and Drum is unlike no other place I’ve ever been. It’s it is special,” General Anderson expressed.

Major General (P) Anderson is set to rise in the ranks.

The U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recently nominated Anderson for the promotion to lieutenant general. He will soon take command of the XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Liberty, Fort Liberty, North Carolina.

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