Yung Miami & JT Exchange Threats Over Sneak Disses: ‘You’re Really Losing It’

There looks to be trouble in paradise for the City Girls. JT and Yung Miami were entrenched in a heated social media exchange on Monday (April 8).

Miami publicly called out JT on X for sneak dissing her on solo songs such as “No Bars” and “Sideways” in a series of tweets aimed at her bandmate.

“For you to come on here and try to play [the] victim is crazy! Jatavia, you [have] been sneak-dissing me for the LAST COUPLE OF DAYS,” she wrote . “I haven’t said s–t back to you! You made two whole songs DISSING ME, and I STILL RAPPED your s–t with my chest, and showed love, so what’s the real problem here?

Yung Miami continued to blast JT: “A b—h trying to kick me while I’m down and play into these narratives! Is dangerous when I been nothing but a friend to you!!!!! I ain’t jealous of a soul I’m always like go b—h go!!! I clap for everybody I show love to EVERYBODY it ain’t a b—h I haven’t shown love to!!!!!!”

JT claimed that Miami was “losing it” and seeking attention with her initial response.

“Oh wow, you’re really losing it,” she wrote. “If you thought this, why not speak to me about it? You came on here and said, ‘LOL,’ so [people] can ask you why you wasn’t defending me… ATTENTION seeking as usual. You looking for a way out of your situation who was the first person called you when it all started? You’re a sad f—-g case!”

Miami went on to say that all she wants is the best for JT in all facets of her solo career whether that be with music, modeling and other endeavors.

“You weird but always wanna act like I’m a weirdo you always mad it’s always a problem & all I try to do is push you tell you, you the shit you can rap, you should model etc! You always mad you doing your shit as you should CONGRATULATIONS but somehow you STILL MAD AT,” Miami said.

Fortunately, JT and the Caresha Please host appear to have hopped on the phone to settle their issues, and it’s all love from both sides.

“Jatavia we just got off the phone I’m so confused now we back to the internet,” she wrote. “Jatavia I love you. I’m moving on!”

JT gushed: “I love you more I actually love you the most!”

The City Girls last released a project in October with RAW which featured stars like Usher, Muni Long, Lil Durk, Juicy J and more. Unfortunately, the album notched a lowly debut of No. 117 on the Billboard 200.

JT has since heavily pursued her solo career with the release of tracks such as the aforementioned “Sideways” and the more recent “Alter Ego” alongside Doechii. She kicked off her first-ever solo tour last month in Houston and has stops in Miami, NYC and more on tap.

Find the back-and-forth below from the City Girls.

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