We Break Down Every Sneak Diss on Future & Metro Boomin’s ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’

Do you remember that one Boondocks scene? The one that starts episode five of the show’s second season and has the Thugnificient character giving Sway Calloway a tour of the projects he grew up in in the fictional town of Terra-Belle, Georgia. He tells Sway about the time he saw someone get killed after they got beat up, stomped on, shot, stomped on again, and then finally defecated on. Thugnificient then thinks to himself, “Man, what did he do to make them n—as that mad?” This is a question we’re all asking ourselves as we listen to We Still Don’t Trust You, the new album from Future and Metro Boomin that’s filled with Drake disses, not only from Future, but from The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky as well.

Why don’t know what Drake did to slight everyone that’s coming at him in one way or another. Drake having worked with Future, Metro, Rocky, Kendrick, and the Weeknd in the past is the only common thread here. He’s had hot and cold relationships with some of them, but no one predicted them all teaming up in an attempt to get him out the paint. Then there’s the interesting fact that J. Cole and Lil Baby make appearances on this album, albeit not on tracks with Drake slights, but still, one can surmise each is guilty by association just like Rick Ross who was featured on We Don’t Trust You and unfollowed Drake on social media.

It seems that with the Toronto rapper’s machine being too big to fail, Metro felt the need to assemble the Rap Avengers to take Drake down a peg or two. The album is littered with little pop shots and subliminals. We picked out the biggest ones and broke them down below.

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