Watch Kelly Clarkson Once Again Forget Her Own Song While Going Up Against Anne Hathaway

In 2022, Anne Hathaway bested Kelly Clarkson in a hilarious, mega-viral clip from The Kelly Clarkson Show, with the actress belting out “Since U Been Gone” before the singer could even recognize her own song in a game of “Name That Tune.” Two years later, it’s happening all over again.


While stopping by the talk show Tuesday (April 30) to promote the upcoming Prime Video film The Idea of You — in which she costars alongside Nick Galitzine — Hathaway once again went head to head with Clarkson, this time for a round of “Pop Pop Quiz.” But a new clip from the episode begins with the stressed Academy Award-winner saying, “Oh no, it’s happening again!” as the inaugural American Idol champ jokes, “Anne Hathaway is never invited back!”

“I’m just kidding, this is actually becoming a shtick for our show,” Clarkson adds as Hathaway laughs.

The two women were then shown an incomplete snippet of lyrics from the three-time Grammy winner’s 2011 smash “Stronger,” which Clarkson beat the Princess Diaries star to filling in the blanks — before completely mis-identifying the track, not realizing that it was one of her own songs. “That’s Christina Aguilera,” she said, not realizing her error until after a break in the show.

The clip then cuts to Clarkson sitting alone, addressing the camera. “You’ll notice, America, if you know my catalog at all — ’cause I don’t — I thought I was singing a Christina Aguilera song, ‘Fighter,’” she tells viewers. “It’s one of those days. Anne Hathaway is my kryptonite, it’s fine.”

At another point in the episode, Hathaway opened up about becoming friends with Galitzine on set of The Idea of You, which becomes available for streaming Thursday (May 2). Knowing that her costar was “about to become really, really big,” she told Clarkson that she made up a rap to help new fans remember how to pronounce his name.

“Nick Galitzine, Nick Galitzine, he’s got a face for a magazine,” she demonstrated. “But he’s more than just a beauty queen, can’t wait to hear everybody scream for Nick Galitzine.”

Watch Anne Hathaway best Kelly Clarkson for the second time above, and check out her rap for Nick Galitzine below.

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