Turns wet Tuesday, but then wintry later in the week

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – After a pretty nice start to April, unfortunately things will be going downhill much of the rest of the week and likely turn wintry even, and no that’s not an April Fools’ joke. Details are below…

Turning chillier the rest of this week

After a milder start to the week and month on Monday, temperatures are going to drop to unseasonably chilly levels as more unsettled weather moves in the rest of the week.

Turns wet for all midweek

It’s a quiet, cool and dry Monday night, but this all changes on Tuesday. A stronger system moves due to arrive Tuesday/Tuesday night in the form of a steady soaking rain moving in from south to north later Tuesday morning and afternoon.

This is the beginning of a gray, wet (and eventually white) stretch of weather taking us through the mid to late week.

What? More snow?

With temperatures mainly in the 40s on Tuesday and Tuesday night, that’ll help keep the precipitation in the form of rain.

Another, eventually stronger system develops Wednesday closer to the Mid-Atlantic coast as the storm system west of CNY transfers its energy to the new storm.

This results in rain changing to snow over the higher terrain Wednesday afternoon and night. For more details on the wintry weather ahead mid to late this week, and where the latest Winter Storm Watches are click here.

Click here for the latest 7-day forecast

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