Turning briefly milder Tuesday

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – Southwesterly winds bring milder air to central New York on Tuesday, but how quickly do showers return? Find out below…

Milder on Tuesday, but…

After seeing highs in the 50s on Monday, we warm up back into the 60s with sun fading behind increasing clouds during the afternoon on Tuesday.

The milder air we feel Tuesday won’t last, because a cold front is expected to swing through central New York to start Wednesday. Showers ahead of this front first arrive close to sunset on Tuesday then continue through the first part of Wednesday before we dry out after 1 or 2 p.m. Wednesday.

In the wake of the cold front look for a chilly, raw and blustery midweek as highs struggle to get out of the 40s Wednesday and Thursday despite a good deal of sun expected on Thursday!

Frost potential increases late week

There’s a better chance for a widespread frost/freeze Thursday and Friday mornings as you can see below with the overnight lows over the next 7 days. Sorry planters, but we all know now is not the time to plant any sensitive vegetation. Mid to late May is safer if you can wait. 

Check out the latest 7-day forecast.

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