Tully-Otisco residents wound up over proposed wind turbine farm

TULLY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A Boston company has big plans to build a wind farm in southern Onondaga County.

The project has people in Tully and Otisco all wound up.

Peter Swisher, who owns a home in Tully, worries that in the future, his view will only be wind turbines.

“I’ve stared at this mountain my whole life and I don’t want to look at wind turbines,” he said. “That was not the dream, to stare at wind turbines. I want to look out west over the Finger Lakes.”

Palmer Capital proposes building 20 to 25 turbines.

“Residents are very concerned about noise, about vibration, something called flicker effect which is essentially the shadow of the blade that is cast during the day,” said Sarah Shute, who owns land in Otisco.

And there are worries about the area where construction will take place.

“They’re sighted above where the Tully Valley mudslide occurred in 1993 so we’re concerned about the stability of the valley floor there,” said Shute.

Neighbors don’t mind a new way of producing green energy, they are concerned about where it happens.

“We’ve got to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and get our energy in other ways so it’s got to come from somewhere,” Swisher said. “No problems with the initiative, it’s just the location of where it’s going.”

And the town of Otisco also doesn’t want it going here.

A representative from Palmer Capital will be at tomorrow night’s Tully town board meeting, which begins at 7:30. This is an informational presentation only.

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