Trump posts $175M bond

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Former President Donald Trump posted a $175 million bond in his New York civil fraud case Monday night.

For now, Trump is avoiding asset seizures by state authorities that could have crippled the former president’s business empire.

“We’ll win the case,” Trump said.

If Trump wins, he won’t have to pay the state anything and will get back the money that he has put up.

Last week a state appeals court ruled that Trump and his co-defendants had 10 days to post the amount, which was reduced from $464 million.

“Greatly respect the decision of the appellate division and we will abide by that,” said Trump.

But when it comes to Trump’s hush money trial expected to start in a few weeks he calls it election interference.

“Should have been started three years ago if they were going to start it at all,” Trump added.

As the race for the White House heats up President Biden said Monday that he’s optimistic about his chances against Trump in November.

“I just think people are so tired of the negativity that is propagated that they just want to get engaged. They want to change things. And I’m optimistic. I really am,” Biden said.

Trump’s hush money trial in New York is expected to start on April 15th.

The judge presiding over Trump’s hush-money criminal trial expanded a partial gag order Monday night following the former president’s online attacks against his daughter.

Trump is barred from attacking his family members and those of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, in addition to the witnesses.

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