To-go alcohol extended in New York State budget

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–Alcohol to go is here to stay until 2030. It was originally set to expire next April.

“We are excited that drinks to go has been given another five years through the state budget,” said Melissa Fleischut, President and CEO at the New York State Restaurant Association.

According to Fleischut, alcohol to go was very important to restaurants during the pandemic, and still is.

“Even now post pandemic, we’re still finding that restaurants are struggling with all of the inflation issues, supply chain issues still. So there are a lot of challenges still facing the industry and this just helps. It helps with the revenue they are currently getting and makes it a little easier.”

The New York State Liquor Store Association weighed in on the extension.

“We’re happy how the law is written right now,” said board member, Mark O’Callaghan. “Happy for our restaurant friends, and their consumers being able to get a drink to go.”

The legislation still requires a substantial food item such as a sandwich or chicken wings to be purchased along with the alcoholic beverage. It’s up to restaurants to decide if they want to offer alcohol to go. 

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