Three Clyde-Savannah varsity football players plead guilty to hazing and forcible touching

LYONS, N.Y. (WROC) – Three Clyde-Savannah boys pleaded guilty to hazing and forcible touching charges in court Wednesday.

This follows an after-school-related incident involving multiple teens assaulting a young boy last October, that ultimately ended the Clyde-Savannah football team’s season.

The teens each received two years of probation for the hazing charge and a conditional discharge for the forcible touching charge.

The victim’s family was in court Wednesday. Acting Wayne County District Attorney Christine Callanan says the victim has returned to school and sports.

“This case tore apart a small, tight-knit community. As the case is now resolved, I don’t believe it brings any closure or resolution to what took place,” Callanan said.

There are currently no updates for the teen charged with unlawful surveillance, whose case was transferred to family court.

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