The Unlikely Rise of Nebulossa: From Running a Beauty Clinic to Representing Spain at Eurovision

Expectations are growing as the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, scheduled for May 11, approaches. This year, Spain will be represented by the duo Nebulossa, formed by singer María “Mery” Bas, 55, and keyboardist and producer Mark Dasousa, 47.


Owners of an electro-pop project with an ’80s touch, Nebulossa has stood out from the start for its unique style, releasing several singles and an album, Poliédrica De Mí — home to songs such as “Anoche,” “Glam” and “Armada Roja” — with which they have been able to tour stages all over Spain.

Although their music career began in 2018, their union as a couple goes back more than two decades, during which time they have formed a solid family with two children and have undertaken other business projects. Specifically, Mark stands out as a recognized producer in the Valencian alternative scene through his company Atomic Studio, while Mery runs an aesthetic beauty clinic that she inherited from her mother.

Since their victory at Benidorm Fest 2024, where they won over the audience with their song “Zorra,” Nebulossa’s rise has been meteoric. The duo never expected to find themselves representing Spain at Eurovision when they started out. However, fate had other plans for them. In fact, Mery submitted the candidacy to Benidorm Fest without telling Mark: “I thought it was a good opportunity, a way to make ourselves known, but I didn’t think that everything that has happened would happen,” she tells Billboard Español.

After their victory at the Benidorm Fest, an unexpected controversy arose around the title of “Zorra,” as many felt that it was inappropriate for Eurovision (zorra in Spanish slang roughly translates to slut). However, María Eizaguirre, director of communication of RTVE (the Spanish radio and television corporation), counters that the song is in accordance with the current regulations — and, in addition, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has given it its approval.

The success of “Zorra” speaks for itself. In a period of almost three months since its release on December 15, 2023, it reached more than 10 million plays on Spotify. “It is very big what is happening with ‘Zorra’ and the controversy is behind us. We are slightly on the margins with the networks and we have been focused on what we had to be; we have not been affected almost at all by the controversy around the song,” adds Mery.

“The song comes from an experience, it’s an emotion that Mery had inside that she wanted to get out, so people got the message and liked it,” adds Mark. “Our intention was simply that, there was no premeditation. When we were selected we decided to go with it and have fun; we still have the same attitude. We are enjoying this, we are of an age now, which is something the song also talks about, ageism, and we take things differently. Everyone is free to have their own opinion.”

Thanks to the success of “Zorra,” Nebulossa teamed up with Gloria Trevi for a new remix of the song that they recorded in Miami and premiered on March 15 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, in front of 6,000 people, closing the Mexican artist’s show. “The anecdote is incredible, because María tells us: ‘I have managed to get Gloria Trevi to come and record the song tomorrow,’” Mark recalls. “So from one day to the next we set to work to find a studio, Gloria lent herself to this and came, something that was very cosmic, very magical; everything aligned. And so one thing led to another. Then, when we were proposed to go to Radio City Music Hall, we didn’t have to think about it for more than two seconds, obviously.”

Gloria Trevi and Nebulossa
Gloria Trevi and Nebulossa perform at New York’s Radio City Music Hall on March 15, 2024.

As the Eurovision 2024 date approaches, Nebulossa is preparing to face its biggest challenge yet. With “Zorra” as its introduction letter, the duo is ready to conquer the stage in Malmö, Sweden, and bring their music to international audiences. Throughout April, the pair will travel to London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Rome as part of the official pre-Eurovision festivities, to which they are eager to see the public’s response. But first, they will pass through Madrid and Barcelona, aware that “it is a tour that many emerging artists would like to live, especially with the people’s acceptance,” says Mark.

Regardless of the competition’s outcome, the duo from Alicante, Spain is grateful for the experience. “We already feel like the winners of hearts of so many people who have told us that they identify with our message. I think the song itself is already a winner,” Mery reflects. Mark adds, “Whatever position we finish in, we would like it to be the best, especially for all the people who are putting their enthusiasm in this, both from RTVE and the audience. We are happy. If we land in a good position, even better, if not, nothing will tarnish us.”

With a steadily growing fan base, they are both ready to continue captivating audiences with their music and unmistakable style. While they have concerts and festivals already booked for the upcoming months, Nebulossa is also poised to drop their EP, Virturrosismo, containing new songs that they had planned to release before Benidorm Fest. But for now, all the focus is on the May 11th date in Malmö.

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