The best self-watering planters for new plant parents

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Take the guesswork out of taking care of plants

Having an indoor garden means enjoying the greenery of spring and summer all year round. But what do you do if you’re lacking a green thumb? Self-watering planters can help.

These planters help take the guesswork out of taking care of indoor (and even outdoor) potted plants. They make plant care more beginner-friendly and remove a big chore from the equation.

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Wondering how self-watering planters work and where to find good deals on some top-rated options? Keep reading to find out.

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How do self-watering planters work?

Most self-watering planters have a reservoir at the bottom that you fill with water occasionally. Then, the soil in the pot gradually absorbs the water to maintain a constant moisture level to feed the plant’s roots. In this way, the plant is able to water itself as needed, and you only need to add water when the reservoir gets low, which is much less frequently than you’d typically need to water a potted plant.

How do you know when to fill a self-watering planter?

There are a few ways to check. First, check the water reservoir in the bottom of the pot. If it’s empty, add more water. Then, use your finger to test the plant’s soil. If the soil is dry about an inch under the surface, you may also want to give the plant a splash of water.

Top-rated self-watering planters on Amazon

Six black planters of varying sizes.

YNNICO Indoor Self Watering Planters with Drainage Holes and Saucers

This six-pack of self-watering pots comes in a range of sizes from 5 to 8 inches to accommodate all kinds of plants, from succulents to larger houseplants.

Five light green planters in varying sizes.

Vanslogreen Plant Pots Indoor 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 Inch Self Watering Planters for Indoor Plants with Drainage Hole

This five-pack of self-watering planters comes in a range of sizes from 5 to 7 inches. Each planter is a trendy sage green color with a terra cotta water reservoir at the bottom.

One white planter with a green plant in it and an empty white planter.

WOUSIWER 10 inch Self Watering Planters

This two-pack of 10-inch planters can accommodate large indoor or outdoor plants.

Five white planters of varying sizes with a green plant in one of them.

SE SUN-E Self Watering Plant Pots for Lazy People

This five-pack of planters includes a range of sizes for many different types of plants. The pots are white with terra cotta bases.

Green plant in a slate rectangular planter.

Lechuza Slate Matte Self Watering Planter

This sizable, square planter can hold a large plant like a potted palm or indoor tree.

Three gray and clear planters with pink flowers in one planter.

Vanavazon 6 Inch Self Watering Planter Pots for Indoor Plants

These three self-watering planters have clear water reservoirs so you can easily see when they need to be refilled.

A clear planter with a small tree in it and five empty clear planters.

CEWOR Self Watering Pots

These self-watering planters are made to fit inside decorative pots, which means you can use planters you already own.

Three black planters of different sizes with a plant in one of them.

UOUZ Large Self Watering Pots

This set of three self-watering planters is made for larger houseplants and comes in a wide variety of colors.

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