‘That was Hootch’ Deputy Hoosock’s former teacher, classmate honor his legacy

East Syracuse, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — As they flip through the pages of a 2004 Bishop Grimes yearbook, the memories come flooding back.

“There I am right there and there’s Mike right there,” said Peter Capponi. “That was Hootch.”

Peter Capponi is now a Bishop Grimes teacher. But in 2004, he was graduating alongside Sheriff Lieutenant Michael Hoosock. They also played basketball together.

“And every time he scored, everyone in the crowd would yell ‘Hootch!’” Capponi recalled with a smile. “He was a funny, warm, caring person. He’d do anything for you.”

“Mike’s senior quote ‘Live every day like it’s your last’ is perfect,” said Mary Beth Kelley.

Kelley is also a teacher at Bishop Grimes. In 2004, she was Hoosock’s teacher.

Fallen Heroes

“He fit all the boxes. He was very attentive,” Kelley said. “He encouraged his classmates; he encouraged his fellow athletes to try to do their best all the time.”

His milestones, his achievements, even his signature, forever etched into the yearbook.

“Mike put his life on the line every day,” Capponi said.

But his legacy, forever etched into our community.

And Bishop Grimes was one of several Central New York school districts sporting blue on Thursday, to honor Syracuse Police Officer Michael Jenson and Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hoosock. Bishop Grimes students said it was even more special because Deputy Hoosock was an alum.

“It really hits closer to home for us – like that could’ve been my friend,” student Jacob Lambrych said. “Once you’re a Cobra, you’re always a Cobra.”

“I wore blue today to show respect and to show that I support what the police enforcement does for our community,” student Loyi Mugushu said.

“To show once you leave Bishop Grimes, you’re still part of the family and we’re always here to support you no matter what,” student Edy Livingston added.

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