State looking to improve outdated technology at local DMVs

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWTI) – New York State is looking to improve outdated technology at a number of Department of Motor Vehicles branches.

As part of an ongoing effort to deliver best-in-class customer service to New Yorkers, Governor Kathy Hochul announced the state Department of Motor Vehicles has launched a multi-year project to replace and modernize a significant portion of its aging technology systems. This initiative will provide DMV customers with more efficient, secure, and convenient services, and will enable the agency to implement future technology advancements more efficiently.

Throughout this project, we will be replacing a patchwork of outdated computer systems, software and databases that account for about 70 percent of DMV’s business volume. This is a strategic investment and a huge undertaking, but we know the important role our agency plays in the lives of New Yorkers, and this project will help us serve them better, faster, and will make our customer’s lives easier. It will also put our agency on a better footing for future upgrades, so our services can continue to evolve as technology improves.

Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder

The DMV has entered into a contract with world-class software company FAST Enterprises, LLC, which has successfully implemented similar systems in a number of other states and will help DMV modernize its technology platforms and service delivery in two major stages over approximately the next four years. 

The new technology will replace and consolidate a significant portion of DMV’s legacy technology footprint. A number of these are over 50 years old, and will make DMV more secure, stable, and agile. Computer and system outages that have caused delays and long lines in DMV offices will become a thing of the past with the introduction of modern applications and proven successful solutions. Whether calling the DMV, going online or visiting an office in person, every customer will notice more reliable, responsive and faster service.

Through this project, DMV will introduce automation that will speed up processing times and eliminate paper forms wherever possible. It will also allow the DMV to offer more online and self-service options. The creation of comprehensive customer profiles will enable DMV staff to see customers’ information in one place, allowing them to provide a more personalized experience and proactively flag upcoming issues and expirations. This project will continue DMV’s efforts to focus on the customer experience in order to deliver first class service for all New Yorkers.

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