Snoop Doog’s Granddaughter Helping Him Brush Up on French Before His Summer Olympics Gig Is Pure Gold

When Snoop Dogg was announced as part of the NBC broadcast team covering this summer’s Olympic games in Paris you might be forgiven for saying “tu quoi?” But in proof that you can teach an old Dogg new tricks, the Doggfather posted an adorable video on Monday in which his granddaughter Cordoba — daughter of Snoop’s son, Cordell — helped him brush up on his French in a promo video that is cuter than all those kids dropping endless f-bombs in The Underdoggs.


“What’s going on, everybody? It’s big Snoop Dogg, coming at you live and direct,” Snoop says in the clip in which he’s dressed in a pink jacket embroidered with the phrase “Daddy’s Lil Girl” and a colorful flower head scarf. “As you know, I’m doing the Olympics this year live from Paris, so I wanted to get some lessons in French. So I went out and hired me a French teacher to teach me some words. Say hello to my French teacher, Cordoba.”

As the camera pans out to reveal the all-pink room and a colorful tea party set-up on the table in front of him we get our first glimpse of his adorable tutor, rocking a matching pink jacket and the biggest smile you can imagine. As a fancy baroque piano soundtrack bubbles up, Snoop straps in for his lesson, which begins with Cordoba shuffling through her flash cards and pouring some imaginary tea.

“The word is ‘ice cream,’” Snoop says in teeing up the obviously most important phrase he’s going to need to know for his steamy sojourn in the French capital this summer. “I think how you say it is ‘cream le ice?’,” the Long Beach native suggests. Wrong. “‘Glace,’” Cordoba corrects him.

“How do I say ‘Eiffel Tower?’” wonders Snoop, who previously reported for NBC during the Tokyo Olympics four years ago. Cordoba shoots a perfectly quizzical look at the camera and flashes the correct card, which Snoop reads back as “Tour Eiffel.” Growing weary pretty quickly — or maybe just suffering from the munchies — Snoop gripes, “I thought we was gonna be eating ice cream and cake and stuff,” as he cues up the correct way to say “goodbye.”

After a few snacks Snoop bids au revior, saying, “there you have it, I got me some French lessons, learned a couple of words, little bit of etiquette, how to pour some tea and how to eat some candy. Be sure to check me out at the Olympics 2024.”

Snoop will be part of NBCUniversal’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in Paris this summer during the Olympic primetime show beginning July 26 on NBC and Peacock; the games will last through August 11. In addition to offering his unique takes alongside veteran NBC Olympics host Mike Tirico, Snoop will also explore the City of Light’s most iconic landmarks, attend some events and visit with athletes, according to NBC.

Check out Snoops French tutorial below.

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