Nicki Minaj Deflects a Bracelet Hurled on Stage by a Fan & Throws It Right Back: Watch

There’s been an alarming trend rising in music concerts: Fans feeling bold enough to throw items on stage while artists are performing. Nicki Minaj was one of the latest victims while she was on stage during the Pink Friday 2 World Tour stop in Detroit on Saturday (April 20).


In the midst of performing her “Starships” anthem, Minaj tracked a bracelet hurling in her direction from the audience. She showcased some athletic ability like an NFL cornerback, and put her hand-eye coordination to use to swat the accessory aside.

The object thrown at the Queens icon clearly annoyed her. She picked it up and wound up like a baseball pitcher before fiercely launching it back where it came from into the audience.

However, she didn’t let the incident take away from her fun throughout the concert. “#GagCityDetroit what was your fave part of the show last night? Your energy was so beautiful,” she wrote on X following the show. “Loud, Happy, Fly, Pretty, SEXY, etc. just GREAT energy that I’ll never forget.”

Drake is one of the many rappers that has had to deal with fans throwing things on stage. Last year, during a Detroit show while out on his It’s All A Blur Tour, women were throwing bras among other items on stage.

“This not what we wanna see, a big-a– shoe. This what I need you to do, Detroit, this what I need to you do, please, for me. I’m so grateful to be back in this building with you after all this time that we had to sit in the crib, right,” he said. “Please stop throwing bras up here, I can’t — I feel like I’m on clean-up duty tonight … T–ty clean-up duty. This is crazy.”

Minaj continues with her Pink Friday 2 World Tour this week with a pair of Chicago shows and a Minneapolis date. On the music side, she delivered the star-studded “FTCU (Sleeze Mix)” featuring Travis Scott, Chris Brown and Sexyy Red on Friday (April 19).

Watch clips of Minaj reacting to the bracelet throw below.

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