New York Sheriffs address violence against law enforcement

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—Just one day after the funeral of Michael Hoosock, an Onondaga County Sheriff Lieutenant who died in the line of duty, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association held a press conference at the state capitol.

“First and foremost, it is time to end what has become the open season on police officers across New York State,” said Delaware County Sheriff, Craig DuMond.

DuMond and other upstate New York Sheriffs say violence against law enforcement needs to stop.

“Over the past month, New York has experienced the line of duty murders of four uniform police officers— Onondaga County Lieutenant Michael Hoosock, Syracuse Police Officer Michael Jensen, New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller, and Genesee County Sheriff Sargent , Thomas Sanfrantello.”

He said while there are serious penalties for attacking a police officer, more needs to be done.

“At a minimum, New York should have a mandatory life without parole for those who intentionally take the life of a police officer.”

Just last week, an Albany police officer was shot in the leg during a traffic stop. He now faces a long road to recovery.

Back in March, a Chemung County investigator was seriously injured while responding to a shoplifting incident.

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association urged lawmakers to get input from law enforcement when it comes to public safety issues.

According to Governor Hochul’s Office, public safety is a top priority and investments have made to fund police and sheriff’s departments across the state.

The statement added in part, “Governor Hochul will continue working with members of law enforcement to keep New Yorkers safe.

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