New York pet ‘Thor Odinbun, God of Bunder’ wins Nationwide’s ‘Wacky Pet Names’ contest 

NEW YORK, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A bunny from New York City has recently been announced as one of the winners in Nationwide’s “Wacky Pet Names” contest for its unique name.

“Thor Odinbun, God of Bunder” — a blonde Holland Lop bunny — was announced as one of three winners on Wednesday, April 17, after a week of voting.

Each year, the nation’s pet health insurance leader recognizes the most unique and clever names among its roster of more than 1.2 million protected pets. The top 10 wackiest dog, cat and exotic names were put to a public vote from April 9 through 12.

The two other winners include a dog from Little Rock, Arkansas, named Molly from Corporate and a cat from Portland, Oregon, named Tony “Scarface” Baloney.

Pet parent Silmi planned to name her bunny Thor Odinbun God of Bunder before she even got him.

“My best friend and I came across a list of over 1,000 dog names developed by Edward of Norwich, the 2nd Duke of York in the 15th century. Inspired by this, we decided to create our own list of pet names not just limited to dogs—we’re almost at 600!” said Silmi.

After drafting her list of pet names, Silmi couldn’t stop dreaming of a little blond Holland Lop bunny that she could name Thor, and soon enough, her dream came true.

Courtesy of Nationwide.

“As if I somehow manifested it, a blonde Holland Lop bunny was being re-homed. As soon as I held this tiny blonde bun in my arms, I knew he was my Thor Odinbun, God of Bunder.”

Silmi wanted to get pet protection against the unexpected, even though Thor has proved to be a resilient little bunny. So she went with the Mjölnir of pet protection: Nationwide pet insurance. 

“I never want to hesitate with being able to save the life of any of my pets. I know that investing in Nationwide pet insurance is an investment in their future and wellbeing. The peace of mind I receive knowing that there is financial support in place for potential emergencies is unmatched.”

Silmi and Thor Odinbun will receive a professional photo shoot together and a gift card to create a custom pet portrait as a reward for winning the contest.

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