Neighbors react to deadly shooting of two officers

TOWN OF SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s been less than 72 hours since Sunday’s tragic shooting deaths of a Syracuse Police Officer and a Lieutenant Deputy for the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office on Darien Drive in the town of Salina.

It’s your typical suburban neighborhood.

Fallen Heroes

“I know everybody very closely because we try to look out for one another,” said Jim Wolf, who lives two streets over from Darien Drive.

What was once considered a quiet neighborhood, was quickly turned upside down Sunday night, after 33-year-old Christopher Murphy opened fire outside his Darien Drive home, shooting and killing, Syracuse Police Officer Michael Jensen and Onondaga County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Deputy Michael Hoosock.

“Like I said, we’ve been here seven years and we never expected anything like this in our neighborhood,” said Wolf.

Wolf who lives just two streets over from Darien Drive says he and his wife were at home at the time of the shooting and had no idea the sounds they were hearing were gunshots.

“Like somebody was scraping with or shoveling or something like that,” said Wolf.

Wolf says he didn’t sleep at all on Sunday after learning two officers were killed in his own neighborhood. But fortunately, he says each day gets a little easier, but it’s still on his mind.

“A lot of times we go up that way out of our development and looking down that street, you’re seeing police officers still there, so on and so forth. But just a very unfortunate, sad situation for their officers and their families,” said Wolf.

Many other neighbors NewsChannel 9 spoke with declined to go on camera but said they are still in shock and can’t believe something like this would happen in their own neighborhood.

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