Metro Fitness spinning for Meals on Wheels

CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Spin class at Metro Fitness brought a whole new meaning to Meals on Wheels on Saturday morning, April 13.

“There’s folks that live in this community that are food insecure, homebound, and they’re living in poverty and all of the money from this event is going to make sure that we can feed those individuals,” Mary Beth Anderson, Meals on Wheels of Syracuse’s Community Relations Director, said.

And to raise awareness that Meals on Wheels revolves around those who volunteer their time to help others.

“We’re always looking for volunteers, so when I talked to Randy and Tina about that, they’re like, set up a table here. You can get volunteers, and you can talk to people coming to the location and so, it’s going to be a good partnership,” Anderson said.

A positive partnership that will inspire people to understand what it takes to keep the wheels on Meals on Wheels turning.

“They do a little over 450 meals a day, which is pretty remarkable and like the postman, neither rain nor snow nor sleet will keep them from their pointed task. So, they’ll get out there and everything, so it’s really important to support these guys and what they do,” Amy Huber, a participant in the spin class, said.

So, when the lights turned down low and the class began, those spinning remembered this:

“Meals on Wheels where people can’t get out to get their own meals. Instead of walking to a 7/11 to get a bag of chips, meals come to their doors. So, it’s totally worth the pain we’re about to go through in about 10 minutes,” Huber said.

It’s a new partnership spinning for a community cause.

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