Lawmakers pass one day budget extender

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—The New York State Legislature passed a fifth budget extender, this time only for one day.

“It’s nearing towards the end,” said Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara.

Lawmakers plan to vote on three budget bills Thursday evening.

“We’re gonna be here late tonight,” said the Assemblyman. “There are some conference briefings that still have to happen after we’re done in session. There are some outstanding items that need to be agreed upon. Once those are done, I would envision more budget bills being printed.”

The first bill brought up before the Assembly dealt with public protection. It includes, making an assault on a retail worker a class “E” felony, which is the lowest felony level. Hochul originally proposed it a class “D” felony. She was asked about it at a press conference this afternoon.

“Right now it’s a misdemeanor,” explained Hochul. “Going from a misdemeanor to a felony was a dramatic change for a lot of people in our legislature who wanted to leave it as misdemeanor.”

The budget bill would also authorize the governor to close up to five correctional facilities after giving at least 90 days notice, as well as allowing the state and localities to padlock illegal pot shops.

Lawmakers are planning on another late night Friday with hopes of wrapping up the budget this weekend.

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